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Our innovative products and technologies are sourced from our knowledge and extensive development to meet the ever-changing demand of the construction markets.


Our focus is to continue offer quality system and tailor-maid solutions to fulfill and go beyond the demand of the regional construction market.


Our on-going research, development and innovation process are the key factors for our sustainable growth.


Our products are tailored for compatibility with available raw materials, while conforming to local and international standards requirements.

Premixed Mortars

Araco cement based products are high quality, ready mixed mounting and plastering mortars for leveling masonry block walls, concrete walls, and ceilings.

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Tile Adhesives & Grouts

Professional tile laying requires optimum products for a wide range of different surfaces and materials. Araco Admixture and Construction Material Company’s extensive portfolio provides the tiller with the right products and system solution, assuring project achievements with best results.

Whether indoor or outdoor use, new buildings or renovation of old buildings, whether tiling a small bathroom or a large public swimming pool, for private or industrial application -Araco company offers the proper solution from an abundance of perfectly matching products.

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Concrete Repair

Araco repair products inhibit corrosion and protect concrete. They are used in repair of damaged, decayed, weak or de-bonded concrete due to attack of chemicals and replacement of concrete that has spelled, chipped or cracked.

Araco grout is a shrinkage compensated, cement based grout. When mixed with water, it produces a homogeneous, flowable and pumpable grout with exceptionally high early final strengths and modulus.

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Araco flooring system and products ensure safe installation of all kinds of floor coverings - from the substrate, repair, preparation and leveling to the bonding and fixing of the covering material.

All products are designed for maximum reliability, providing the greatest possible security against bonding deficiencies and complaints. They fully meet the professional floor layer's requirements, and always produce optimum results.

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No matter where you find the impact of moisture - whether in residence or industrial building, structural or civil engineering -Araco Admixture and Construction Material Company is able to offer the perfect waterproofing solution to prevent any kind of water or vapor penetration.

Araco assortment guarantees long-lasting results across all application areas:
-Sealing of structures in contact with earth (horizontal, vertical)
-Sealing of flats roof and others horizontal areas
-Sealing of water tanks, water treatment plants and swimming pools

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Araco supplies a broad range of tailor-made additives for many different applications for the construction industry.

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Pouring fresh concrete is time-sensitive in which unexpected delays can cause significant problems. Araco Admixtures provide enhanced cement dispersion resulting in improved concrete flowablility for low water/cement ratio. These specially formulated high-range water-reducing admixtures impart rheoplastic qualities to concrete, thereby improving pouring of concrete for improved production efficiency. This technology is particularly suitable for concrete mixes that require higher levels of fluidity and strengths.

- Reduced labor requirements resulting from shortened placement time.
- Improved strength and durability due to lower permeability. - A Reduced segregation.

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